Case 36 Part 2 – Demo


This video contains an audio pause.
What's inside?
Y-shaped incision
Chest plate
Abdominal survey

This video contains an audio pause.
1. Identify any postmortem changes in the video.
2. What neck muscles can you identify in the neck dissection?
3. What abdominal wall layers can you identify during the opening of the abdomen?
4. What is the main pathologic finding in this video?
5. What is your differential diagnosis so far, based on the history and physical exam? Which ones did the physician mention. Do you agree with those possibilities? What else might you consider?


Click to select anatomy list. Pause to study. Rewind to enhance view.   



Click three dots to select
bookmarked anatomy pins.


1. Skin slip
2. Right clavicle
3. Right sternocleidomastoid m. (clavicular head)
4. Right sternocleidomastoid m. (sternal head)
5. Right sternohyoid m.
6. Posterior rectus sheath
7. Rectus abdominus m.
8. Stomach

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