Case 36 Part 3 – Demo


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What’s inside?
Small intestine
Round ligament

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1. Inventory the organs visible in the abdomen.
2. Identify the round ligament.
3. Identify the small intestine, large intestine and ileoceal junction.
4. Has the patient had an appendectomy?
5. Has there been a cholecystectomy?
6. What is the differential diagnosis for right upper quadrant bleeding?
7. What retroperitoneal structures could account for this kind of abdominal bleeding?
8. What in the history could explain the location of the bleeding?
9. Were there any physical exam findings (Part 1) that could explain the bleeding?
10. Identify the greater omentum.
11. Are there any adhesions?
12. How decomposed is the body?

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1. Stomach
2. Greater omentum
3. Diaphragm
4. Left lobe, liver
5. Round ligament
6. Jejunum
7. Mesenteric fat
8. Appendix

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