Educator Workspace

July 30, 2018

Can you find what you’re looking for on the site? How are you doing?

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You’re doing GOOD if you can:
-Explore the Quick Access site from the home page.

-Pull up an entire case using the search function (say, Case 3).

-Pull up all all videos for one body system (say, cardiovascular).

-Pull up all videos that have a search term you’re interested in (say, stomach).

-Step through all the part of one case using the “Back” and “Next” buttons.

-Make the videos full screen.

You’re doing VERY GOOD if you can also:
-Pull up all the videos in Case 1 that cover the cardiovascular system using the search function.

-See if Case 10 has a particular anatomic finding you’re wondering about (say, aorta).

-Access histology.

-Know where to go on the site to watch a live stream when you get an email notice.

You’re doing GREAT if you can also:
-Make a quiz for students and send out a copy while CC’ing yourself.

-Have students send you back their answers via the site.

-Go back and forth between teacher edition and student edition in Case 1.

-View histology at 2x, 4x, 10x…up to 40x power at full screen.

You’re doing OUTSTANDING if you can also:
-Use the search or “what’s inside” list to distinguish videos that briefly identify an anatomic finding vs. videos that spend more time on the anatomic finding and its nearby relationships.

-Rate videos and pull up videos by popularity.

-Use the chat function to communicate with other users.

Wise Chat 
Not sure how to do one of the functions? Post here to share ideas or contact us through the contact page.