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We are looking for a Brazilian business partner to participate in sales within Brazil.

The ideal candidate is:

-A social service agency involved in alleviating poverty, or who can partner with motivated rural or favela-based individual looking to gain business/entrepreneurial skills. We are open to other ethical partnership models, but prefer to work with a group/individual where the payment to them will make a difference. We care who we work with.

-Incorporated or able to establish incorporation in Brazil (Contrato Social) and have an active CNPJ.

-Able to handle the extensive tax code in Brazil.

-Able to receive and send payments via banking SWIFT codes, or establish banking set up.

-Has access to internet and communicates consistently and responsibly.

We are:

-An ABES ( member.

-Can establish a letter of exclusivity (Carta de Exclusividade) to facility government contracts/bidding.

-Can assist with development of the required proposal (Proposta).

-Have a government medical/nursing school ready to purchase access to


Once partnership is established, we will set up the Carta de Exclusividade with ABES, and the partner will forward the Proposta to the school. The school will forward payment to the partner and the partner will forward partial payment to Autopsy.Online while collecting a service fee.

The is an opportunity to receive a payment of a negotiated amount while establishing business credentials. We prefer to offer this to a program or person where it will make a difference. There is no payment expected from the partner. This is not “pay to play.” There is no risk, just the expectation to complete the process and communicate. It is a business opportunity.

Our goal is to offer access throughout Brazil, so a successful contract completion may allow for other opportunities.


Please submit a letter of interest to in either English or Portuguese.

Please be patient with responses.

Thank you.


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Other International

We are open to other international distributor partnerships.

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