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Please read this information carefully:

Your high school student will have the opportunity to watch human autopsy video via the Autopsy.Online platform. Watching an autopsy affords a unique chance for students to further explore medicine, anatomy, science and health. For students considering going into the medical field, the experience can also assist with career exploration.

Due to the sensitive nature of this content, we are requiring this Application and Terms to be signed electronically by both the parent/guardian and student.

While we are very excited to offer this opportunity, we know that this is not something that all students want to see, and perhaps not something that parents/guardians want their child to see. Please be assured that the video content is for educational purposes only; and while the images are graphic, the deceased is talked about clinically, appropriately, and sensitively. We do truly hope — if you and your student are comfortable – that you sign the Application and Terms, but we also want to reiterate that no child will be forced to watch any of the content during the program. Breaks and discussions and some alternate activities will be available.

By signing below, I understand agree to the following:
• I give permission for my student to watch video-recorded autopsy content.

• I understand that this video shows the dissection of a real human whose family has given their written consent for the video to be recorded.

• I understand that the deceased’s identity is protected and that no face, tattoos, name-tags, etc. will be visible in the video.

• I understand that the body is nude, and my student will see the genitals of the deceased patient.

• I understand that this video is being used as a teaching tool for learning about the profession of an autopsy pathologist/medical examiner.

• I understand this program is not suitable for children who have recently lost a loved one or pet.

• I understand I may withdraw my child from the program at any time, but that withdrawals will are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Student Code of Conduct:
• I understand that this was a real person, with a real family. I will treat the deceased with the respect they deserve.

• I agree to talk about the deceased, their body or body parts in a clinical, non-judgmental manner that shows respect to them and their lifestyle.

• I agree to not take any photos or videos of any autopsy. I know that this video was recorded with the understanding that it will be used for educational purposes only. I will not disrespect the deceased by using images or video to gain attention from others, including on social media.

• I know that I can leave during viewing of an autopsy if I begin to feel overwhelmed to work on the alternate activity or take a break.

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