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What can I do with

View real autopsies.
Explore multiple patients and case types.
Search by case, body system or anatomy.
Hear engaging audio.
Immerse in our unique video
capture experience.
Add your own video.
Create an Institutional Database.
Quickly access content via Body Map.
Organize video into folders.
Take notes.
View digitized histology.
Participate in LiveStream Autopsy.
Identify anatomy with Educator Video.
Draw on video.
Add and answer questions on video.
Solve cases.
Explore forensics issues such as
trauma & decomposition.
Learn about medical treatments,
surgeries and illnesses.
View closed captions and multi-language subtitles.
And more….

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What makes us unique

These are people. Our site is not a “digital human” a “synthetic person” or “3-d rendered anatomy.” We consider Autopsy.Online a “resource” not a “product.”

We know each of the patients and each of their families personally. We could tell you stories. (We do, but only within the bounds of patient confidentiality.) We focus on building relationships.

While the content is presented compassionately, it is also graphic.
It is not for every school and not distributed without us knowing your school is ready to partner — or you knowing what we’re about.


Getting access

This is going to be a partnership. Let’s talk first. This means a phone call. We need to know who’s accessing the site and why; and what your educational goals are. Be prepared to discuss you professional role and your program. We also need you to know who we are — our values, working style and what this site can do.

If all goes well, we’ll invite you for a site tour. We want to show you what makes the content a “like there” experience. The content is grounded in medicine, built on compassion, and ready for whatever background and training you bring. This sight can fly. We’ll work with you to make sure you’re up in the air not taxiing on the ground.

If that goes well, we’ll offer you some options. We’re super flexible and so is the site. We’ll be ready to lay out a plan or two to consider.

We’ll support you all the way. Once the trust is built, you’ll be off and flying. We’ll keep your experience smooth and productive. And be there to help when you need us.

Expect the site to grow and change. While you’re enjoying the content, we’ll continue to work with families wishing to share the gift of education.

Sound different from a video subscription or product purchase?
It is.
We are.