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View real autopsies.
Explore multiple patients and case types.
Search by case, body system or anatomy.
Hear engaging audio.
Immerse in our unique video
capture experience.
Add your own video.
Create an Institutional Database.
Quickly access content via Body Map.
Organize video into folders.
Take notes.
View digitized histology.
Participate in LiveStream Autopsy.
Identify anatomy with Educator Video.
Draw on video.
Add and answer questions on video.
Solve cases.
Explore forensics issues such as
trauma & decomposition.
Learn about medical treatments,
surgeries and illnesses.
View closed captions and multi-language subtitles.
And more….

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What makes us unique:

These are people.

Our site is not a “digital human” a “synthetic person” or “3-d rendered anatomy.” We consider Autopsy.Online a “resource”
not a “product.”

We know each of the patients and each of their families personally. We could tell you stories. (We do, but only within the bounds of patient confidentiality.) We focus on building relationships.

While the content is presented compassionately, it is also graphic. It is not for every school and not distributed without us knowing your school is ready to partner — or you knowing what we’re about.

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We have options. Create your own.


Educator access – School access – Library access – District access – Site License – Shared Educator/Student access – 24/7 Student Access (college and above) – Restricted-hours student access (high school) – Student access on lab days only – Short-term access – End-of-year “Autopsy Day” – Cadaver Lab “field trip” – Course plans – Semester plans – Year plans – Multi-year plans – Multi-institutional access – Video-only access – Interactive-only student access – Personalized note-taking option – Shared note taking option – Chrome-book access – School-provided PC access – IP restriction for in-class or computer lab work stations – Fixed database – Updated database – Private Institutional Database – Video submission option – Advanced experimental video submission for high schools. And more….

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“I’m on my own.”

We can always find a way to make “autopsy day” happen for your class, regardless of your budget. For high schools, autopsy video has traditionally been one-day programming. Classes typically show a case at the end of a course or unit. While our video quality and interactive features expand learning far beyond this, there’s still a lot to get from brief access to the site. Talk to us and we’ll make it happen for you. If you’re school is 51% or more free-and-reduced lunch, please also let us know. If you’re on your own at the college or graduate level, we’ll find a way to work with you as well. Talk to us.

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“Departmental funding is limited.”

If you are in a position to engage your department, great. We’ll work with you. We want this to be as economical as possible. For high schools — there may be other courses or schools in your district that may be interested in what you’re bringing in with Autopsy.Online. Group rates are a great way to bring down cost. Or, if your school is not ready for a larger commitment, but interested — we can work with you to pilot a program that shows what the site can do. We’ll set you up for success and give you the best chance of solidifying interest. If you’re in a college or graduate program and figuring out how to garner interest, we can also think creatively with you. Talk to us.

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“We’re interested for a few of our courses.”

If you have been in a position to bring in resources to your school and are wondering how Autopsy.Online fits in, we can work with you. High schools interested in going animal-free will find Autopsy.Online a full substitute for in-school dissections. Our interactive content engages students at multiple levels. Cover basic anatomy or take the “dual-credit” model to the next level — Autopsy.Online brings medical school into the classroom. If you are a college or graduate program, we’ll make sure you have the opportunity to expore the site and see where and how it can fit into your program. Talk to us.

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“We’re a program with limited access to cadaver lab.”

We understand cadaver lab might be a limited resource for you, even if there’s one nearby. Our site can function as “Your cadaver lab next door.” It’s a growing database of cases presented in an engaging, medically sound and tech-forward manner. Students from many clinical specialties can gain invaluable insight from what we offer. Autopsy.Online can be accessed economically by considering the models that work for your school. If it helps to have educator-only access, a school-wide site license, or access determined by student-numbers — we can do it. Looking for a panel of email-logins to rotate students through as they pass through a course? We can do that, too. Talk to us.

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“We’re a medical or graduate school with a cadaver lab.”

Take advantage of our multi-case database to expand student understanding of human anatomic and pathologic variation. Keep the focus of anatomy on patient care. Each of our cases was a medical mystery and we used our anatomy and pathology understanding to make sense of the case. Your students can, too.

Consider what we’ve created here. It’s our content but doesn’t have to be. Submit dissection or prosection video thorugh our Video Lab and create your own Institutional Database. If your staff does the prosections, consider that students miss the dissection process. Why not plant a video-recording device and archive the process for student review? If your school has students dissect, we can similarly create a general or student-centered database private to your institution for student review any time. Save valuable time and energy by archiving teaching material.

Transitioning to cadaver-free training? Take the time now video-record dissections done your way. Partner with our Video Lab to create your own Institutional Database accessible for years to come. Talk to us.

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“Our surgeons and anatomy prosectors are tech-forward and video-ready.”

You are in a unique position to build a private Institutional Database of your own dissections and cases. This does not take editing skills — we’ll edit your video into our patent-pending searchable format. It’s as easy as point-shoot-submit. For programs interested in sharing content for all site-users through the general Library, we can work with you to make our content more accessible. Autopsy.Online can function as an entire restaurant, so to speak. You get not only the dining area but the kitchen — not just the content but the site processes as they develop and grow with you. Talk to us.

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Compassionate medicine not digital pizzazz.
We’re high tech but still old school.