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Live Webinar Topics

1. Quick Start (30 min)

New to the platform? Learn how to login/logout. Search by case, body system or search term. Master the Body Map for quick access to video on-the-fly. Find cases and topics through the History Page. Set yourself up to begin to explore the site for your own educational goals.

2. Interactive Features. (30 min)

Increase student engagement with interactive features; or mark up video to highlight your own findings. Learn how to add arrows, outlines, drawings and text onto video and save your work. Explore how the Interactive Anatomy feature provides easy, quick-access to identification pins embedded within the video. Start using the on-site digital notepad. This is how you’ll make the site you’re own.

3. Basic Course Planning (30 min)

Ready to plan for a class or course? We’ll cover where to find basic content for anatomy, medicine and critical care and set you up with a starter panel of ideas. Practice taking and saving notes to organize your ideas and topics. Learn to file video into time-saving class folders you can access anytime.

4. Advanced Course Planning (30 min)

Let’s talk about what you’re doing in class. Take advantage of the site’s flexibility: from 5-minute class-starters to multi-day labs. Learn how to use and incorporate interactive video. Be prepared to discuss your curriculum goals and bounce around some ideas.