Train to view cases – 2

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Important: Please make sure you are on desktop
and that language is set to English to use this feature.

How it works:

This activity is like “Train to view cases – 1” except that
the list of events also includes events not found in the video.
(Review Train to view cases – 1.)


View the video.

Sort through events that happened in the video and
events that did not happen.

Find the box with the dashed line:


Put events that happened above the line.
Put events that did not happen below the line.
Like this:

Put events that happened in chronological order.

Put events that did not happen in alphabetical order.

The site will let you know when the order is correct.

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(Don’t see the list? Please refresh page.)

Tip: Click and drag to shuffle list like this:

Continue with any of the training cases below.

Arrange the list of events in the correct order as you view any of the videos.

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[In development. More coming soon.]

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