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How to fill out Case and Part numbers:
Cases are usually divided into multiple shorter videos (parts) to assist with the search function.

Your entries will allow us to enter your video into our navigation system.

Note: For your first video (Case 1 Part 1), please use Case 0 Part 0 for your Previous Case and Part.

Note: Even if you do not have a next submission, please enter the Case/Part that would come next if you had a video to submit.

Example: In our Library, Case 1 has 9 parts. This means that Case 1 is all one autopsy divided into 9 shorter videos (parts).

Example 1
Case 1 Part 1
Case 0 Part 0
Case 1 Part 2
Example 2
Case 1 Part 4
Case 1 Part 3
Case 1 Part 5
Example 3
Case 1 Part 9
Case 1 Part 8
Case 2 Part 1
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Mailing files:
We are happy to provide a pre-paid mailing label. Please request it in your submission form.
Mail to:
Autopsy Center of Chicago
444 N. Michigan Ave.
Suite 1200
Chicago, IL 60611
IMPORTANT: Please include a copy of the email verification you will receive after submitting this form.
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How to forward files via Google Drive (gmail):
Follow these instructions:
(Leave the site and view instructions).

Under “Sharing settings for Google Drive files,” use the “Share only with email recipients” option.
Enter this email address when your file is uploaded:

Tip: If you are not familiar with Google Drive (gmail), please be sure to allow time for upload (5-10 minutes or more depending on file size).

Tip: Gmail will confirm that “anyone with a link can view.” We will not share your email or video link with any third party. Once your video is uploaded to Autopsy.Online, we will destroy your email and the link. (See Consents at the bottom of the submission form regarding our commitment to your privacy.)
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How to provide a Vimeo embed code:
If you happen to already have your video on Vimeo, please follow these instructions:
-Login to your Vimeo account.
-Open your video.
-Click the “Share” button on the right above the video.
-Click “Copy embed code.”
-Add to submission form.

Important: In your Vimeo General Settings, under Privacy, set “Where can this be embedded” to “Anywhere.” (You may also select “Specific domains” and add “”.) Also under Privacy, please set “People can download this video” to “off”; and
“People can add to collections” to “off.”

Important: This option is only for institutions wanting to add video to your private database. It is not an acceptable option for video intended for the shared Library because we cannot access the file for editing. If you wish to share a Vimeo video with the Library, please contact us to make arrangements which allow for downloading of the video from Vimeo.
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How complete the Short Case Title:
Please provide a title based on the history not the final diagnosis. This will allow viewer to solve the case rather than “give away” the final diagnosis. The idea of the site is “discovery.”
Short case title: Elderly man with leg swelling
(Not: Elderly man with deep venous thrombosis).

IMPORTANT: If you are uploading to Vimeo as an approved uploader, your case title must match the title use add during upload.

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Vocabulary list:
Your vocabulary list should list anatomy, procedures or pathology that is present and identifiable in the video you submit. This allows the viewer to have an idea of what will be in the video; gives students a check-list to identify the structures that pass by; and lets the site search for your video by its content. Please submit as many as you wish. Please list one above the other without commas.
Left ventricle
Right ventricle
(Not: Aorta, heart, left ventricle, right ventricle, etc.)
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How to select the Main Body Systems:
Typically one to three selections allows the video to appear in the appropriate body system search. You do not need to provide more than one, but may if you wish. Please use your discretion.
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How to submit a Brief History:
Please exclude standard patient identifiers as defined by HIPAA. We reserve the right to reject submissions that do not meet confidentiality standards.

You may be as detailed as you wish or choose to provide more of a “case summary.” See history for examples.

If you have already provided a history for a previous part of a case, please write “Already submitted.”
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