Please contact us to discuss your wishes. Contact must be initiated by the donor or, if deceased, by the legal next of kin or power or attorney for health care. Donor-initiated consent must be approved by the legal next of kin or power of attorney for health care at the time of death. Please discuss your wishes with your family.

Consent for educational video donation.


Site contribution is in beta testing.

Physicians and authorized personnel who perform consented video (port-mortem* or surgical) may be in touch to discuss contributing to the site.

We can set you up with designated pages for institution-only access using the Autopsy.Online patent-pending searchable format; and consider editing requests.

Or, if you are interested in contributing to the knowledge base available to all subscribers, we can also discuss.

We are currently exploring models of collaboration, so please feel free to contact us with questions and general interest.

Currently, submitted video:
Is subject to review and approval.
Must include at least one unique anatomic structure or view of an anatomic structure not yet present on the site.
May include anatomic labelling.
May be subject to editing prior to addition to the site.
Must be obtained by standard consent processes by licensed physicians.
Must not be embalmed (e.g. surgical video or autopsy).

Please be patient with responses from Autopsy.Online.

*Please keep in mind, our site distinguishes itself in its unique emphasis on anatomy in the non-embalmed state and respectful treatment of the body. All video is consented and patient confidentiality is protected as part of the consent process.