Cases divided into short, focused videos.
 Anatomically intelligent editing for
maximum understanding of the case.
 Intimate, close-up case views.
 Search within or across cases for detail and depth.
 Engaging narrative.

Interactive Video


Add notes or questions directly onto video.
 Draw on video.
 Click on notes to jump around video.
 Create a list of anatomic highlights.
 Collaborate or create student assignments.
 Link to additional content.


Body Map


Select anatomy or case finding from image.

Click to access video selections.

Quickly find relevant video.


Educator Content

Click on either edge of video anytime to pull up anatomy list.
Click on number to jump to anatomy.

1. Frontal bone
2. Temporal bone
3. Occipital bone
4. Uncommon anatomy: Metopic (persistent frontal) suture.
(Below this is the sagittal suture).
5. Coronal suture
6. Temporalis m.
7. Lambdoid suture
8. Cerebellar tentorium (tentorium cerebelli)
9. Transverse sinus
10. Sphenoid bone
11. Lesser wing of sphenoid bone
12. Frontal bone, anterior cranial fossa
13. Petrous bone
14. Optic nerve
15. Internal carotid a.
16. Sella turcica
17. Frontal bone, anterior cranial fossa
18. Middle cranial fossa
19. Temporal bone
20. Straight sinus
21 Posterior cranial fossa, occipital bone
22. Falx cerebrum
23. Falx cerebrum
24. Superior sagittal sinus

Digitized Histology


…And many more features.
 Educator Content.
 Bookmark videos and take notes on site.
 Chat function for collaboration.
 Live stream access for participation in real-time autopsy casework.