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Family-consented autopsy video organized into a clinically-centered, interactive teaching database.

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Clinician-Centered Context

Start with the history.
Complete an external assessment.
Consider treatments, procedures and outcomes.
Use the anatomy for evidence-based learning.




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Cases divided into short, focused videos.
 Anatomically intelligent editing for maximum understanding of the case.



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Many more features….

Digitized histology.
Anatomy ID, note-taking, bookmarks,
live streams, discussion points, and more….





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Surgeons, pathologists, anatomists, prosectors:
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     September 25, 2019

     Meet the Doctor Who’s Livestreaming
     Human Autopsies

     This doctor had an oddball idea: start broadcasting human
     autopsies on Facebook Live.

     January 26, 2018

     The Alienist: Dying Art of the Autopsy

     Behind the Scenes.