Search by case, body system or anatomy

Cases divided into short, focused videos.
 Anatomically intelligent editing for maximum understanding of the case.
 Intimate, close-up case views.
 Search within or across cases for detail and depth.
 Engaging narrative.

Interactive Video

 Mark directly onto video display and add notes.
 Click on notes to jump from marker to marker.
 Create a list of anatomic highlights.
 Pinpoint details for further study.
 Collaborate for group projects.
 (Use password TestCase for demo below)


Educator Content

Digital “anatomy lab pins” for identification.
 List of anatomic terms provided for each number.
 Use as explanation or quiz.

Try out demo on right.
Click number on list at start of video.
Click on side of video to go back.

1. Left ventricle (posterior view)
2. Right ventricle (posetior view)
3. Inferior vena cava
…Complete list inside.

Body Map


-Select anatomy from image

-Click to access video selections

-Quickly find relevant video.


Digitized Histology


…And many more features.
 Educator Content.
 Bookmark videos and take notes on site.
 Chat function for collaboration.
 Live stream access for participation in real-time autopsy casework.