Site Organization

1. What’s the difference between Library Video and Educator Video?
Library Video shows the case as it happened. Educator video pauses to highlight anatomy by number and pointer. Each number is explained in the Q & A listed below the video. Intermediate and Higher Level questions challenge learners. Facebook comments open up the video for crowd-sourced ideas and creative use. View the difference in this demo.

2. How are the videos organized?
Each autopsy is divided into 3-5 minute video parts. These can be watched in order to view the entire case. Or, use the search function to pull up videos with specific content of interest.

3. How does the search function work?
The top search box (“Topics”) lists preset basic terms: cases (Case 1, Case 2, etc.) or general anatomic regions (external, head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis).

The bottom search box (“Or search here”) is for specific terms you choose to enter (“heart,” “hyoid bone,” etc.).

4. What if a search term doesn’t pull up any videos?
-The term may be listed under different language or spelling. Please try your term in singular or pleural (“lung” or “lungs”). Or try an alternate term (“cardiac” or “heart”). Or please contact us to help. The library archiving function is growing and we appreciate your input and questions.

-Or, our cases may not yet contain the anatomy or pathology you are looking for. Please feel free to check with us first to see if we can help find what your are looking for. If our library does not yet include what you are looking for, please check back as we are constantly adding new video.


1. My subscription lapsed. How do I resubscribe?
Subscribe here. (Please login to access).

2. Do I need to purchase additional video rentals after I subscribe?
No. Your subscription allows access to all Library or Educator videos, depending on the subscription level.

3. There is a 30 day free trial for subscriptions. Do I have to pay an additional fee for each video during the free trial?
No. The videos are also under a free trial during the trial subscription.

4. I need to invoice my school’s billing department once at the beginning of the year. May I?
Yes. You can obtain a quote and an automated invoice for the year here. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

5. I have a GoLive subscription. Why can’t I access the library?
The GoLive subscription provides access only to live streams and live events. The Individual and Educator subscriptions provide access to the library.

GoLive – Events

1. How do I watch a GoLive event? How do I use the streaming password?
-Go to the GoLive page to access a GoLive event.
-Enter the streaming password in the video area.
-The video password is provided in your GoLive email notice and is also printed right above the video area.

2. How often are GoLive events?
We don’t know. A lot of things need to coordinate for a GoLive event to happen: A person has to die, the family has to request an autopsy, we have to agree to do the autopsy, the family has to consent to live streaming and the case location has to have working WiFi.

3. Is there a guarantee every case will be live streamed?
No. We livestream when we can and only if the family consents.

4. I viewed an event that ended very quickly. Why did this happen?
We may end the case early or even after a few minutes for many reasons. For example: we may need to focus on the case for technical reasons, we may need to protect the confidentiality of the patient, or WiFi at the particular location does not allow for adequate streaming. While we make every effort to complete the case, we use our judgement and keep the family and case first.

5. I viewed an event with variable streaming quality. Why did this happen?

We do not guarantee that any event will be streamable. We perform many of our cases in community locations outside our Center and are dependent on that location’s WiFi.

6. I viewed an event that “went dark” for long stretches. Why did this happen?
We go dark when we need to protect the patient confidentiality. We cannot stream the visual at that time. Examples would be during case photography (when we use a patient name and case number label) or when we need to expose tattoos. The patient and family are always the priority and the live streaming comes second. Thank you for understanding.

GoLive – Replay Option

1. What if my missed the latest live stream at GoLive? Can I still view it?

2. How do I view the latest GoLive event?
Enter your Replay Code at GoLive Replay to access the event you missed.

3. Do I have to pay to view the event again?
No. The Replay Code make the purchase amount go to $0.00 at checkout.

4. Why is a $4.99 price listed?
This price is for guests without GoLive subscriptions to arrange one-time access. A Replay Code is provided to GoLive users with each live stream. The Replay Code makes the purchase amount $0.00.

5. How many times can I use the Replay Code?

6. How long do I have to use the Replay Code? Does the Replay Code expire?
The Replay Code is useable for one week after the event. The Replay Code expires after one week.

7. Once I use my replay code, how much time do I have to view the event?

After you use the Replay Code, you have one day to view the event you missed.
Please be sure to use the Replay Code when you are ready to view the event.

8. How do I find my Replay Code?
Your Replay Code is in your GoLive email notice. You receive a GoLive email notice with each GoLive event.