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“Your Cadaver Lab Next Door”

Autopsy.Online is a desktop platform.

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Search by case, body system, anatomy or clinical history

Cases divided into short, focused videos.
Anatomically intelligent editing for maximum case understanding.

Interactive Video

Add notes, drawings and questions directly onto video.
Click on notes to jump around video.

Anatomy Pins

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Brief Summary:

Autopsy.Online is a searchable, video-based anatomy-autopsy teaching tool and database. There is medical history, interactive video, anatomy-identification and digitized histology. It is NGSS-aligned and may be used for didactics or discovery.

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What can I do with

View real autopsies.
Explore multiple patients and case types.
Search by case, body system or anatomy.
Hear engaging audio.
Immerse in our unique video
capture experience.
Add your own video.
Create an Institutional Database.
Quickly access content via Body Map.
Organize video into folders.
Take notes.
View digitized histology.
Participate in LiveStream Autopsy.
Identify anatomy with Educator Video.
Draw on video.
Add and answer questions on video.
Solve cases.
Explore forensics issues such as
trauma & decomposition.
Learn about medical treatments,
surgeries and illnesses.
View closed captions and multi-language subtitles.
And more….

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