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Brief Summary:

Autopsy.Online is a searchable, video-based anatomy-autopsy teaching tool and database. It includes interactive video, educator content and digitized microscopic slides. It is NGSS-aligned and may be used for didactics or discovery.

Site Content:

Autopsy.Online contains over 100 videos showing autopsy casework from the files of Autopsy Center of Chicago. Video is provided by written permission of the family. Video is edited in anatomically-intelligent, close-up fashion to guide the viewer’s sightlines and create “like-there” feel as though the viewer is “performing the case themselves.” Each video is accompanied by engaging audio narrative highlighting the anatomy, case progress or related medical issues. Content is updated regularly.

Educator Content:
Educator content is comprised of interactive video containing digital “anatomy pins” identifying anatomic structures (similar to medical school cadaver labs testing).

Interactive Content:
Video can be annotated with a digital pen to highlight structures and add notes. Educator Library and students can work individually or in groups. For example, teachers can add questions at video points. Students can access these questions separately or in real-time with the teacher; and respond by circling structures or adding their own text answers.

Autopsy.Online includes a panel of digitized microscopic slides that may be viewed from low to high power, similar to a physical microscope.

Educator Tools:
Educator Library can save notes on any video page; bookmark videos to create a unique set of videos for one or several classes; use text or image-based search functions to identify content based on curriculum needs; and interact with students and colleagues through an integrated chat function.

What can I do with

View real autopsies.
Explore multiple patients and case types.
Search by case, body system or anatomy.
Hear engaging audio.
Immerse in our unique video capture experience.
Quickly access content via Body Map.
Organize video into folders.
Take notes.
View digitized histology.
Participate in LiveStream Autopsy.
Identify anatomy with Educator Video.
Draw on video.
Add and answer questions on video.
Solve cases.
Explore forensics issues such as trauma & decomposition.
Learn about medical treatments, surgeries and illnesses.
And more….

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