What can I do with Autopsy.Online?

View autopsies from multiple patients
For teaching or discovery.

Hear engaging audio
In-case narration and explanation; Q&A from livestreamed discussions; behind-the-scenes insights.

Immerse in our unique video capture experience
“Just like being there.”
We use a range of videography techniques — from a camera on the dissector’s head inches away from the body; to hand-held videography; to mounted, multi-perspective capture.

Multi-layered search function. Search by complete case; select video segments based on body system (cardiovascular, respiratory, etc.); or use search terms to identify specific anatomic structures and pathology; compare anatomy across patients; create topical study panels.

*Our Searchable Mini-Video process is Patent Pending.

Save video for easy access anytime by adding a bookmark.

Take notes
Jot down and save notes, comments and reminders right on the site.

View digitized histology
Scan microscopic slides from 2x to 40x

Create and share worksheets and quizzes:
Students can share back their answers electronically.

Connect via the site wide chat function.

Participate in LiveStream Autopsy
View cases performed live and participate in real-time with Q&A.

Learn anatomy with Educator Video
Educator video is edited with graphics to highlight anatomy. There is accompanying written Q&A.

And more….


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