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Autopsy.Online is an active, growing body-donor project. All video is consented and confidentiality is protected. Casework is mastered into a searchable database that can be used for didactics, collaborative conferencing, self-learning and discovery. There is medical history, interactive video, anatomy-identification and digitized histology. The site seamlessly integrates the hand of the physician educator — through the casework itself, “like-there” recording, anatomically intelligent video editing, audio and case analysis. You are with us and with the patient thinking about the case each step of the way — distance learning without the distance.

“Thank you to our patients and families
for sharing the gift of education.”

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Come with any perspective.


Practitioners of all specialties.

Our patients have been seen in the field, in the emergency room, on the floor, ICU, operating room, rehab and clinic. Whether you’re a nurse wanting to study wound care in superficial or debrided decubitus ulcers; or a surgeon wanting to learn about intraoperative hypotension in a TIPS procedure or judgment in peripheral vascular surgery, you will learn here. These are patients and there are lessons for each member of the care team — just like in the hospital.

Students of all levels.

It’s a bit like the “blind men and the elephant” fable. The site is ready to provide depth and perspective at whatever level you bring. If it’s your first experience with human anatomy, you’ll appreciate the body structures, anatomic relationships and physiology. If you’re an experienced clinician, you’ll be thinking about the case — say, the judgment in undertaking a VATS procedure after an inconclusive biopsy, the cascade of postoperative events and intervention points in a patient with Crohn’s disease, sleep apnea and hypertension. The site challenges students of each level.

We make you think….

The site is not a click-and-check quiz site. It’s because these are people, not digital renderings. And we’re very careful to maintain that respect throughout the site. It’s also because of our teaching philosophy. We know that your patients will not come with digital guideposts and that managing medical uncertainty is an invaluable skill. The site integrates these and other medical principles.

…But keep the tech simple.

Each case is divided into short segments of 1 – 5 minutes or so. You can focus on parts of a case that are clinically relevant to you, search for segments by topic, or step through from part to part and view the case in entirety. Navigation is intuitive with visual and text-based search functions. Each case includes a medical history and starts with an external overview (your physical exam.) Cases come in multiple versions, whether your wanting full discovery, some didactic guideposts, or basic anatomy identification.

Educator friendly

The site allows for group work like traditional anatomy lab. Students can interact (and bond) through real-time, synced video with instant shared views of on-screen drawings, pointers, comments and questions. The growing database is easily managed with on-page notes, bookmarks and folders for quick access anytime. You’ll only search for a case once.

And much more….

Find histology, case cross-comparisons, human variation, live streams, and many other features in this growing database.

We know the body. We want to give it to you, as do our family-donors. Their gift is meaningful to them, to us and, we hope, to you. We thank them for the gift of education. Expect the site to grow and change over the years. We look forwarding to participating with you as you do, too.


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