Case 10 – History


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Case 10

Post-colonoscopy complication


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Brief History

The patient was an elderly Caucasian man with history of chronic gastrointestinal bleeding (from a polyp) requiring periodic blood transfusion.

The patient underwent elective colonoscopy with polypectomy.

Due to post-procedural malaise and abdominal pain, a computed tomography scan was performed which showed free air in the abdomen.

The patient died several days later.

The history is obtained from the family.


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Discussion Questions

1. Summarize the history.

2. What are complications of colonoscopy?

3. The patient had chronic gastrointestinal bleeding requiring periodic transfusions. What judgment and clinical data would factor into the decision to undergo a procedure vs. continue periodic transfusions?

4. The patient underwent a polypectomy. What judgement and clinical data would factor into the decision to perform a polypectomy vs. a biopsy during colonoscopy?