Case 25 – History


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Case 25

Motor vehicle accident and untreated hypertension


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Brief History

The patient was a middle-aged man with hypertension reportedly up to systolic 170 (diastolic unknown) who took a hypertensive medication but discontinued recently and was trying natural methods of blood pressure control.

The patient was reportedly an experienced driver who used alcohol responsibly.

He was riding his motorcycle, fell off and crashed at approximately 20 miles per hour (witnessed event) and was unresponsive when the paramedics arrived.

Resuscitative measures were taken but the patient died at the scene.

A brother died from a stroke in his 50’s.


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Discussion Questions

1. How do you understand the history?

2. Arriving at the scene, what questions do you have?

3. Why do people die in motor vehicle accidents? What is the likely cause of death here? (Revisit this question after viewing the physical exam, and then, after viewing each part of the case. Does your answer change? Why? What evidence has supported or changed your thinking?)