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1. Basic training


Desktop devices recommended for enhanced features.



English captions, Portuguese subtitles, and Spanish* subtitles available on videos.

lower right of video.

This is a screenshot
to illustrate.

Select your language.

(*Spanish subtitles in progress.)



Translate pages to any language:

Use the Chrome Browser


Use this browser

Select your language at top right of any page.


Or, right-click on the page and
select your language.

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1. Body map

The Body Map pre-selects video to highlight normal anatomy or pathology.
Scan body images to select the areas of interest.

How it works:


Click through to select the Body Map of interest.


Next, mouse over image.

Click region of interest (highlighted red).

Click subtopic to view video.

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2. Anatomy pin videos


Learn how to access interactive Anatomy Pins:




Learn how to view Anatomy Pins in video 3-d:



Learn how access all the pins on the Anatomy Pin page:


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3. Take notes


Find this box in the lower right of most pages:

Click to open:

Add a title and your note.

Only you can see your notes.

The site will save your notes.
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4. Find all your notes.

Go to My Notes (it’s on the top menu) to find all your notes.

Search by title to find a specific note.

Click the small Case Number/Part Number to jump to the Case where you can view your note.

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5. Organize cases into folders

Find videos you want to put into a folder (say, for a course you’ll teach again).

Open the Take Notes box on each case page and add the same title to each note.

Go to My Notes (find in the top menu).

Pull up all your videos by entering the title in the search box.

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